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​Subtle shades of pale buttery cream and striated blue denim-y hue. A wonderful bit of Spring happiness for your wrist.
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Deborah...I got my bracelet today, and to say I love it is an understatement. It's just beyond exquisite and I am so thrilled to finally have my very own piece of your artwork. I'm going to wear it every day! Thank you so very much.        -Leah

From the west coast [my roots] to the east coast! New work can be found here at the Reflecting Spirit gallery  in Ucluelet, BC Canada as well as the Blue Wave Fine art gallery in Amesbury, MA, USA

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I have been a glass bead artist  for more than a decade. I love the dance between flame and molten glass. I  like to pair the beads with stones and metals and enjoy marrying all these wonderful elements into a piece of art to be worn long and loved much. 

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Most of the glass rods that I use to create the beads are imported from Italy and Germany. There is also some really  beautiful glass now being manufactured in the US as well...Read more

My husband and I moved to Israel in 2010 for three short years. When we disembarked at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv I was delighted to find that the sky appeared pink...Read more..

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Deborah Jlambson Artist Made Jewelry

Each bead is created in the flame. there is a lovely meditative energy here and I like to think that this magic must infuse the jewelry itself...

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