​​​More than a decade ago now I bought a 'hothead' torch and some rods of raw glass. I brought a small cylinder of propane into the laundry room and attached it to the hothead torch. But I couldn’t bring myself to actually light the thing, so my brother did the honours. 😬 

I quickly got over my fears and began to love the fluidity of moving molten glass.. There is a soft meditative energy present as you watch the glass flow in the flame of the torch and I like to think that this bit of magic can't help but infuse the jewelry itself. 🌺 

Each piece of jewelry is presented for gift giving in a small Egyptian style linen bag. Please contact me if you'd like something made especially for you~



Murano art glass bracelet by Deborah JLambson
Murano art glass and turquoise necklace by Deborah JLambson
art glass necklace